C.En Ltd. (C.En), a Switzerland-based developer of hydrogen storage technology, has appointed E.P. Velikhov as its president. Velikhov is president of Kurchatov Institute - Russian Scientific Centre, and the first secretary (head) of the Public Chamber of Russia. He received international acclaim for his inventions, discoveries and over 1500 publications. He received honorary doctorates by the University of Notre Dame and William Howard Taft University (US) and the University of London, (UK).

Velikhov, stated in his letter of acceptance: I believe that the fulfillment of the potential of this technology will resolve one of the central issues facing society today. He believes C.En’s inventive storage technology will enable the optimal usage of hydrogen as the green energy source, greatly reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Dan Eliezer, FASM, C.En’s vice president and chief scientist summarize the current state of the technology development: The principles of hydrogen storage in capillary arrays have been firmly established. The development of a final storage system is only a question of engineering.

Eliezer notes: Testing and evaluation of C.En’s technology by the Berlin based BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, confirms the trendsetting nature of the company’s improved approach.

Storage tests conducted by BAM demonstrated a gravimetric storage capacity of 33 wt% and a volumetric capacity of 28 g/L. Results were determined at a comparatively low pressure of 400 bar. Results are significantly higher than other published storage system capacities and have surpassed the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2010 hydrogen storage gravimetric targets, and are expected to meet the DOE’s 2015 storage targets in the near future.

Velikhov has also received the American Physical Society and Science and Peace Prizes, as well as the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2003).

Since its earliest days Velikhov has persistently given C.En his scientific support and encouragement.

Moshe Stern, president and CEO of C.En said: I greatly value Velikhov’s acceptance of the title of Honorary President of C.En Ltd. I believe that his support is and will be a great factor in the advancement of C.En technology.