California Energy Commission (CEC) has started review of Martifer Inc.'s (Martifer), a wholly owned subsidiary of Martifer SGPS S.A., San Joaquin Solar 1&2 hybrid power plant. The solar thermal-biomass hybrid electric generating facility will have 106.8 megawatt (MW) capacity. CEC found the data to be adequate for the application for certification of the plant. The certification process will take one year to be complete.

The project will be located six miles east of Coalinga in Fresno county. It will consist of two hybrid plants with a solar field and a biomass facility capable of producing 53.4 MW net of solar electricity each. During nighttime and periods of cloud cover, the biomass facility fueled by agricultural wood waste will be functional.

If approved by the CEC, the project will be on line by the first quarter of 2011.

The commission has named Julia Levin to lead the committee to review the project. Commission Vice Chairman James Boyd is the associate member.

The committee will make sure the project meets the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and will examine public health and safety, environmental impacts, and engineering aspects of the proposed power plant.