US-based Caterpillar has developed a Dynamic Gas Blending retrofit kit to provide a cost-effective dual fuel option for customers.

With the help of Caterpillar’s Dynamic Gas Blending kit, the customers will be able to reduce fuel costs.

The retrofit kit will also help customers to meet changing emissions regulations by utilizing a range of gaseous fuels in their existing diesel generator sets.

Caterpillar Global Petroleum engineering specialist Sam Ternes said, "This is a completely integrated solution that continually adjusts to varying fuel quality and requires no adjustments or re-testing, allowing the engine to run at maximum substitution while maintaining a high level of reliability and durability."

Caterpillar Global Petroleum engineering specialist Russell Goss said the fuel savings achieved with this system depends on a number of variables, including the application, the quality of the gas, the pressure and available volume.

"But by retrofitting existing generator sets with this technology, a typical drill rig operator can operate on up to 30 percent diesel and 70 percent gas, and save as much as $400,000 in one year," Goss said.

The first generation of the Dynamic Gas Blending kit is available for 3516B 50hz production rating, 1.6eMW (1750hp)- package and kit, 3512C 60hz drilling rating, 1eMW (1477hp)-kit only, 3512B 60hz drilling rating, 1.0eMW (1477hp)-package and kit, 3512B 60hz production rating, 1.3eMW-package and kit, 3512B 50hz production rating, 1.0eMW-package only, and 3512B 50hz drilling rating, 1.2eMW (1757hp)-package and kit.

The Dynamic Gas Blending kit automatically adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure allowing engines to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG with no loss of performance integrity.

The solution maintains diesel performance levels with about 70% replacement of diesel with gas, accepts about 55% inerts and can be applied to existing engines with EPA certification.

The kits include Caterpillar’s control system, EMCP4.4, which easily integrates the engine, generator and the gas blending system.