Camac Energy, a US-based oil and gas exploration and production firm, has discovered gas in the ZJS-03 well in China.

The company drilled the well to a total depth of 1,598m and mud logs confirmed the presence of gas in several intervals ranging in depth from 1,489m to 1,515m.

ZJS-03 is the first well in the planned three-well program for 2011 at the company’s Zijinshan gas asset, which covers an area of 175,000 acres in the Ordos Basin of China’s Shanxi Province.

Camac said that the electric logs and cores obtained during the drilling are being evaluated by third party contractors to allow full assessment of the size of this discovery.

The company owns 100% of the foreign contract interest in the Zijinshan production sharing contract in partnership with PetroChina CBM Co.

Camac will use the data obtained from the ZJS-03 well to refine the well location of the ZJS-05 well to further evaluate the resource potential of ZJS 3 structure.