The California Independent System Operator Corporation has terminated the transmission emergency issued at the onset of the tragic southern California firestorm that ravaged homes and knocked out of service a record number of high-voltage transmission lines.

The California Independent System Operator Corporation (California ISO) has appreciated the dedicated work performed by scores of utility line workers as they braved severe fire conditions to restore transmission facilities in order for the ISO to re-energize the system.

San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison crews worked day and night, in co-ordination with the ISO control rooms in Folsom and Alhambra, to get the transmission system functional again. Pacific Gas and Electric also sent its line crews into southern California to help with restoration.

Despite the numerous transmission line outages, some lasting almost four days, the California ISO operators worked around-the-clock to re-route power and dispatch generation to compensate for the loss of transmission.

Yakout Mansour, president and CEO of California ISO, said: Disasters of this scale take a toll on all of us. The ISO was saddened to watch the human suffering and loss of homes that came in the wake of the firestorms, but we are heartened by the industry’s strength as it worked feverishly to re-energize the power grid. We also want to thank Southern Californians for conserving electricity during the restoration process, even when their lives were turned upside down.