The California Energy Commission will provide $5.5m worth funds for the development of clean energy transportation in the state.

This funding is being made under the commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118, and will be made available to five recipients.

Commenting on the initiative Energy Commission chair Robert B. Weisenmiller said that the funds will support the expansion of renewable biofuels, development of zero emission vehicles and provide incentives to make alternative fuel vehicles more affordable.

"These projects protect the environment and public health, while keeping California in the lead in developing green transportation technologies," added Weisenmiller.

Buster Biofuels will be the highest beneficiary of the five recipients securing $2.6m for the development of a fuel generation facility that produces biodiesel from renewable waste-based materials such as used cooking oil from restaurants.

Motiv Power Systems will receive $2.38m for the production of power control systems to be employed in batteries and motors.

These awards will also support the rapid commercialization of zero-emission vehicles in California, with a 2025 target of having 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on the state’s roads.