Canada-based Americas Petrogas has discovered four new production areas in three regions of the Medanito Sur block in Argentina.

The company has carried out drilling operations in exploration wells on the block from January to May 2013.

El Alpataco, which is situated at northwest region of the block, includes the reservoir area similar to the one that was found in the El Jabali field and is offset by wells on adjacent blocks.

El Calden Este, which is located at eastern portion of the block, includes the reservoir area, which includes interbedded Cuyo Group sands and fractured pre-Cuyo basement.

Amilcar and La Meseta, which is situated at central region of the block, include two new discoveries in the fractured pre-Cuyo basement.

Americas Petrogas said the areas in both discoveries has to be delineated, but are expected to hold large new drilling areas.

The company’s output has about 2,200 bopd in the first quarter of 2013, while it averaged 2,390 bopd and 2,560 bopd in April and May 2013.