Aerospec Technologies will showcase its latest data driven solar PV drone inspection solution at the Intersolar North America trade show to be held between July 11-13, 2017 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Aerospec combines state-of-the-art thermal imaging and world-leading proprietary technology to maximize the performance of solar power plants. This aerial platform can inspect hard-to-access areas without mobilizing heavy equipment with 10 times efficiency.

Revolutionizing the Solar O&M process

"Data-driven aerial thermal IR inspection will revolutionize the solar O&M process in the next 3-5 years," said Aaron Tejero, at On Q Services.  And "By using Aerospec's technology, we found problems that may otherwise have been overlooked for years. It saved us both money and time," continues Sherlock Ewing, Site Operator at ConEdison Development.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, 1,000+ successful missions with zero incidents, and more than 1.5 GW projects scanned globally, Aerospec knows what it takes to be successful in the solar utility project space. And cloud-based real-time PV project lifecycle management platform is the future.

Commissioning and Out-of-Warranty Checks: Pinpoint Plant Anomalies using AeroSolar

Aerospec's aerial IR inspection process, or AeroSolar, is an algorithm that includes dual RGB and infrared sensors to analyze aerial image data and based on pattern detection and machine learning identifies hotspots or module malfunctions which then stores each anomaly's location. Maintenance teams can then further investigate the issues without having to survey the entire solar field on foot.

"At one of our domestic client's utility-scale solar farms we successfully identified and located non-performing modules, that resulted in a ten times faster inspection compared to a manual inspection," said Lance Li, CEO at Aerospec Technologies. "We are thrilled to be presenting the AeroSolar technology and its features and benefits at Intersolar North America next week," he continued.