Dakota Gasification Company (Dakota Gas) has selecte Aecom (ACM) to provide construction services at the company’s Great Plains Synfuels plant in Beulah, North Dakota, US.

AECOM will provide construction services at the Synfuels plant to diversify the plant’s product slate. AECOM’s services are expected to follow the project lifecycle through commissioning and start-up assistance.

"AECOM is pleased to have been selected by Dakota Gasification Company to deliver this important project," said AECOM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael S. Burke. "This contract extends our successful relationship with Dakota Gas and our continuing joint commitment to meeting the company’s objectives in North Dakota."

The Synfuels plant is the only U.S. commercial-scale coal-gasification facility that produces natural gas.

The contract was included in AECOM’s backlog for the third quarter of fiscal year 2015.