Acquisition unites market leading consulting team for the waste secto


NIRAS and Waste Office join forces to form a market leading consulting team. (Credit: NIRAS A/S)

From May 1 2020, the consultancy company Waste Office (Affaldskontoret Aps) will become a part of NIRAS. The acquisition takes place after several years of close collaboration between the two companies on many assignments on both state- and municipal level. Consequently, these organisational changes mark a logical step forward, which will generate even better consultancy for NIRAS’ collaborative partners within waste and circular economy.

Waste Office is a longstanding partner of the state and the Danish municipalities for whom they have devised waste plans and consulted about collection systems, source sorting, and generally delivered consultancy on new solutions for waste and resources.

“A lot of developments are going to happen in the area of waste planning, waste management, and recycling during the coming years. In combination with Waste Office we will form a very strong team. Together we have the professional expertise needed to spearhead innovation toward the transition to a circular economy,” Camila K. Damgaard says, who is Head of Department in NIRAS.

Smart reuse of resources

The green transition in the waste sector is well on its way. Municipalities, citizens, and the corporate world are working intently to increase recycling. But the transition requires better analyses, new guidelines, and more collaboration.

Waste Office and NIRAS have each contributed to the clear political goal aiming to increase the amount of recycled resources, and to improve the quality of the recycling, as well as prevent waste creation. The next step for the sector requires consultancy that provides achievable and cost-effective solutions. This is the step we are now taking together:

“It is important to us that our approach to problem solving remains the same – and that our clients experience that we conduct business as usual, even though we have become part of NIRAS. We are now able to provide even better solutions by including the many new colleagues in NIRAS. And this will only become easier, now that we share offices,” says Henning Jorgensen, who is partner and founder of Waste Office.

Successful waste event will continue

Waste Office has for many years hosted a successful conference in Denmark for the stakeholders in the Danish waste industry:

“Our annual event will obviously continue. We are looking forward to hosting a number of events around the country in the future, and to present our new colleagues in NIRAS to the participants,” Hanne Johnsen says, who is the second partner in Waste Office.

Waste Office consists of the partners Helle Johnsen and Henning Jorgensen, as well as four associated consultants. They will become a part of the waste team in NIRAS’ headquarters but will also work in close collaboration with NIRAS’ additional waste experts located in the other regional offices in Denmark.

Source: Company Press Release