GE Power Services, which gained capabilities for servicing non-GE supplied steam turbine equipment through its acquisition of Alstom’s thermal services business, in November 2015, has signed an agreement to retrofit four Toshiba industrial steam turbines at the POSCO Pohang steel manufacturing facility in South Korea.


Modernisation of the nearly 50 year old units, will include installation of a digital electro-hydraulic controller and condition monitoring system, generator stator rewind, generator rotor refurbishment, exciter rewind, as well as installation of new turbine internals, with a substantial increase generating capacity.

The factory power plant’s current capacity is 1079 MW and meets about 50% of the factory’s power needs, with two 110 MW GT11N2 gas turbines in addition to the steam turbines. GE is using its Mobile Machine Shop to machine the steam turbines’ new internals.