Dieselec Thistle Generators has launched in the UK FG Wilson’s new generation of diesel powered rental generator sets, the Professional Rental Operator (PRO) range. Available now, it offers up to 500 kVA, and has been designed to run across a diversity of applications, including events, construction, industrial, utilities, oil and gas, with a variety of features to ensure, primarily, dependability.

The new range includes the PRO150- 1, PRO150-2 (EUIIIa), PRO275-2 (EUIIIa) and PRO500-2 models. The range is said to feature fuel optimised engines, and all models are 50/60 Hz switchable without the need for tools or passwords. The EUIIIa compliant products are emissions certified at 50 and 60 Hz. The sets also come with the PowerWizard 2.1+ control panel as standard, enhanced through the addition of new rental -focused features.

Optional synchronising panels are available to allow units to be paralleled and a variable speed clutch fan drive is provided to help decrease noise levels, and improve fuel economy when running at partial load or in cooler weather.

For rental flexibility, four pole circuit breakers, three-way fuel/changeover to external tank and a battery isolator are standard on all models. Application specific optional attachments are also available, including AC battery chargers and jacket water heaters for standby applications. Service access has been optimised for a fast turnaround at the rental yard.