High-profile events such as the Macondo disaster act as tragic reminders of the critical importance of well integrity and safety. In this edition of World Expro, Marco op de Weegh from Shell outlines the technology and processes being employed in the company’s pursuit of ‘Goal Zero’.

Submersible vehicles have been exploring the ocean since the 1980s, and with energy companies venturing into increasingly inhospitable environments, the need for them to evolve becomes greater. Chris Godfrey speaks with Subsea UK’s Neil Gordon to find out how technological advancements have enhanced the abilities of unmanned vessels.

Also in this issue: Technip’s Guillaume Turpin and CEZ Consulting’s Ian Theophilus discuss the trials, tribulations and technology of keeping upstream online, Mike Clark, engineer with Sakhalin Energy, talks about the challenges of working offshore of the Russian island of Sakhalin, and Anna Belova, upstream analyst at GlobalData, outlines the external pressures on the Russian oil and gas industry.

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