Tuma Turbomach (TBM) has installed its first turbogenerator set with the control system completely integrated into the genset skid, allowing complete factory testing prior to delivery, thus reducing commissioning and start-up times.

TBM’s first integrated-control-panel turbo-generator is installed at the Clariant chemical facility, Huningue, France, in a TGC-435-CT genset equipped with a 5.2 MWe Solar Taurus 60 turbine. The genset is at the heart of a cogeneration plant producing 11.7 t/h of saturated steam at 12 bar to meet the heating needs of the facility.

In the integrated system, the turbine control system is installed in a control panel at the generator end of the genset package in a separate gas-tight compartment from the turbine. All cables between the panel and the turbine are pulled, connected and tested in the factory.

The aim is to make the control equipment as compact as possible, while at the same time improving its efficiency. The main innovation is the use of Fieldbus to collect and distribute all signals required by the open and closed loop control system to several components of the package. The principal difference from the previous system is the use of two CPUs, one for the turbine control (Industrial PC), which processes data collected by the Fieldbus, and the other for interfacing with the operator. The two CPUs communicate through a standard Ethernet network.

The fail safe system of the turbogenerator uses two backup Siemens S5 PLCs, specially developed for backup safety protection and achieving very high safety levels.

The operator interface is a TFT touch screen display, designed to simplify operation, which is also integrated in the package. In addition, there is the option of controlling the genset remotely from another PC, installed in the boiler control room.