Solar Turbines is introducing a cold-end-drive, single-shaft Taurus 70 industrial gas turbine generator for cogeneration, combined-cycle and other industrial power generation applications. The unit incorporates a 15 per cent reduction in length from the hot-end-drive configuration.The unit has a thermal efficiency of 32.8 per cent.

The Taurus 70 will be rated at 7250 kWe for continuous duty at ISO conditions. The first unit was supplied to Tuma Turbomach for installation in a CHP plant in Oslavany in the Czech Republic. The plant will operate for eight hours per day, and will sell power to the grid.

The engine’s 14-stage axial-flow air compressor produces a 17:1 pressure ratio, and has a design speed of 15 200 rpm. It has an exhaust gas mass flow of 97 908 kg/h, and an exhaust temperature of 493oC.

Solar has also introduced a 13.5 MWe continuous-duty genset to be powered by a single-shaft, cold-end-drive configuration of the Titan 130 industrial gas turbine. Tuma Turbomach will package the first units for a district heating application in Wels, Austria.

The Titan 130 has a thermal efficiency of 33.3 per cent at ISO conditions. The gas turbine engine has a 14-stage axial-flow air compressor producing a 17:1 pressure ratio. The compressor has six inlet guide vanes with variable geometries, and the compressor case is split in a vertical plane to facilitate inspection and maintenance. The compressor’s air flow is 49.2 kg/s.