Siemens has expanded an existing service agreement with KAR Group in Iraq to provide comprehensive O&M for two newly added SSC5-2000E power plants at the Khormala plant in the Kurdistan region.

The 930 MW natural-gas-fired power plant meets nearly 30% of the power demand targeted by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), supplying more than four million Iraqi people with reliable electricity. The extension of the service agreement is set to improve operational flexibility, availability, and performance of gas turbines for the next 15 years. 

The Khormala multi-year agreement with Siemens covers the provision of operation and maintenance services for six SGT5-2000E gas turbines, six SGen5-100A generators along with the associated auxiliary and ancillary systems. It also includes implementation of Siemens power diagnostics.

Siemens has managed the operation and maintenance of Khormala since 2013 under a multi-year services agreement. 

…while GE helps Iraqi MoE to get Mansurya on line

GE reports that is working closely with the Iraq Ministry of Electricity to bring the Mansurya power plant (in Diyala) fully on line. While still in its construction phase, the facility was damaged during the conflict in the area and progress towards project completion had stalled.

The site has four GE (formerly Alstom) GT13E2 gas turbines, each with a capacity of up to 180 MW (ISO conditions). Two units have already been successfully synchronised to the grid and the GE team at site is working to commission the other two units.

GE will operate the Mansurya power plant for the first three months, ensuring that all systems are in place and that power generation equipment is operating correctly. Subsequently, the plant will be operated directly by the Ministry of Electricity.

Recently, GE supported the Ministry in helping restore operations at a damaged power plant in Mosul. GE is not only working to rebuild the Al-Qayara power plant but also providing six new 9E gas turbines that are expected to help deliver up to 750 MW of electricity by the summer of next year.

To date, over 130 GE turbines have been installed Iraq, the company estimates.