Governors have been supplied to Bürfell (see IWP&DC, February 1999, p20), Sigalda and Sreingrimstod.


Scotland has been the focal point of much refurbishment activity in the UK and Scottish Hydro-Electric is in the process of a large scale upgrading and uprating programme. Turbines have been supplied at Lussa, Farsnakyle, Stonebyres 1,Cruachan, Allt Cruachan and Rannoch. Meanwhile at Glenmoriston turbines and governors have been supplied and at Kinlochleven, generators were supplied. First Hydro’s Dinorwig plant in Wales also had new governors.


Liffey Mills on the Ninagh river, an abandoned water mill site with good horizontal Francis turbine, has been uprated to 15kW.


Turbines supplied at:

•Porma 3

•Borbollon, Arrago river


•Estangento, Flamicell river

•Torrecilla 1&2

Governors were also supplied at Las Concuas 3 and Valdecanas (both sited on the Tajo river).


icold lists 103 dams in Portugal, and four of these (Pego do Altar, Idanha, Vale do Gaio and Alto Ceira) were completed in 1949. Turbines were recently supplied to Santa Luzia on the Unhais river.


Norway’s reliance on hydro for up to 90% of its power makes refurbishment and continued maintenance extremely important. Møller Energy alone has supplied replacement turbines to: Bingsfoss, Hodnaberg, Hol 3, Hunsfos, Inset, Jondalen, Eidesforsen, Nes, Skogfors, Skotfos, Svelgen, Tatfjord K3, Tysso 2, Vestreboln

Other plants with replacement turbines include:

•Adamselv, •Aurland 3,

•Borgund, •Bratsberg,

•Degerfors, •Djupjord 1,

•Driva, •Funnefoss,

•Kaggefoss, •Kvaenangsbotn,

•Lang-Sima, •Mael,

•Mageli, •Rendalen,

•Savalen, •Skollenborg,

•Soa Kraftverk, •Svartelva,

•Sy-Sima, •Tinfos I,

•Tyin •Hunderfoss,

•Solbergfoss •Ranasfoss,

•Logna •Kildalen


COO-Trois-Ponts, whose oldest plant dates to 1972, recently installed new generators. COO 2, completed in 1980, also recently received new governors.


Several French plants have received new generators. Recent orders include:

Aston G1-4, Bonnevieux, Chateauneuf du Rhone G2 &4, Espelungue, Fessenheim G2, Kerros, La Batie G6 and G2 , Ottmersheim G4, Roquebilene, Vilarodin, Vogeigrun G4.

Recent orders for turbines were also received from Lac Noir G1 and G3, sited on the Ruosseau Blan river.


Sweden has been facing up to extensive uprating and refurbishment work. Turbines have been supplied at:

Dönje; Forsmo and Lasele on the Ångermanälven river; Harrsele, Rusfors, Stornorrfors and Stensele on the Umeälven river; Koppom, Juktan, Blasföfallet, Broby 2, Dabbsjö, Edsforsen I, Hammarforsen 4, Korsselbänna 1, Skoga1&2 and Rottnen.

Governors have also been supplied at:

•Degerforsen, Ångermanälven river (commissioned in 1960)




•Lanforsens, Dalälven river (1930)

•Porjus, Luleälven river

•Randi, Lilla Luälven river (1976).


Turbines were supplied to:

Happurg, Happurger Bach River (commissioned in1958)



•Waldeck II, Eder river (1975)

•Witznau, Schwarza river (1943)

Governors were also supplied at: Hohenwarte I, Lehmen, Mühltal, Obertürkheim, Tannheim, Wisenta, Aitrach, Alzwerke, Gerlachshauen, Hofen, Koblenz, Pfrombach, Schwabenheim, Walchensee and Wielmünden.


Turbines supplied at: Rosenau on Enns river, Nassfeld on Nassfeldach river and Luenersee on the III river. Generators have also been replaced at Urstein (Gen 2) and Diessbach.


Turbines have been supplied at the following plants, which contribute to the 60% of Switzerland’s electricity supplies arising from hydro sources: Göscheneralp, Bürglen, Gurtnellen, Tavanasa, Riddes, Morricherand, Vouvry, Bannwil, Chanrion, Fuhren, Ganterbach, Gösgen SBB, Olivone, Peccia, Sand (Plessur), Sand (Rabiusa), Tagenstahl M1 & M2, Wildegg-Brugg 2, Zufikon.


ICOLD lists 524 large dams in Italy, the oldest named as Laspina (Rio Torto), which was completed in 1830. Recently new turbines have been supplied to Castelletto on the Rio Castelletto.


With much of its electricity supplied from hydro sources, uprating and refurbishment is of enormous importance in Finland. An extensive programme is under way. New turbines have recently been supplied to:

•Atro, Atrojoki river

•Melo, Kokeäenjoki river


•Merikoski, Oulujoki river

•Petajaskoski, Kemijoki river

•Seitakorva, Kemijoki river

•Taivalkoski, Kemijoki river


Governors were supplied to the Lokka and Pyaakoski plants, while at Kolsi (sited on the Kokeäenjoki river) both turbines and governers were replaced.


Turbines have been supplied at Kegums and Plavinas on the Daugava river.

Slovak Republic

At the Cierny Vah pumped storage plant, and the Velka Domasa plant on Ondava river, new turbines have been supplied.


Herculane on the Cerna river has received new turbines and governors. A programme is about to begin at Iron Gates.


New governors have recently been contracted for at:

Dnieprozjin, Dnieprozjin, Kachovka and Kremenchug.


At Moste on the Sava river turbines have been supplied, while new governers were recently provided for Dobsina.


Albania’s 306 large dams were mostly built after 1960, although the oldest, Liqeni Artificial, was completed in 1959. Upgrading continues, however: 11 new turbines were recently supplied as part of a project to refurbish the Drincasc plant, for example.