CANADA British Columbia

British Columbia has a wide variety of dams, and has been putting new hydro plants into service every decade since the 1950s. A variety of refurbishment work is therefore required. In recent contracts, new governors were supplied at Corra Linn and South Slogan.


Bearspaw (Bow river) governors supplied.


New turbines were recently supplied to the Kipling and Sir Adam Beck units. At Cameron Falls new governors have been installed.


There is a large-scale programme of refurbishment and upgrading work under way, reflecting the large number of dams in this state.

In recent months, new turbines have been supplied to:

•Beauharnois, St Lawrence (1932/53/60)

•Manic 2, Manicougan (1965)

•Shawinigan, St-Maurice (1911)

•Chute du Diable, Peribonka River (1952)

•Shipshaw, Saguenay (1943)

•Sept Chutes, St-Anne du Nord (1915).

New generators have ben the subject of replacement at:

Rapide des Iles, Bersimis-1 and Bryson, while at Outaouais and Rapide Farmers governors have been supplied and installed.

Nova Scotia

Turbines supplied at Deep Brook and Sisiboo.

US Alaska

The oldest of Alaska’s 24 dams is at Salmon Creek, completed in 1914. Turbines have been recently supplied to Cooper Lake on Cooper Creek, Kenai river.


Washington’s oldest large dam is Nine Mile, dating back to 1908. New governors were recently supplied at:

•Little Falls, Spokane river (1910)

•Upper Baker, Baker river (1959)

•Wells, Columbia river (1968).


Turbines were recently supplied at:

•River Mill 1, Clackamas river (1911)

•McKay, McKay Creek (1927).


There is no uprating at Nevada’s best known dam, Hoover. Elsewhere Dry Creek (1961), has received new generators.


California has 523 dams listed on National Inventory of Dams (NID) and none of these are considered deficient or unsafe. However, 392 are classified as high hazard. Refurbishment has included the supply of turbines to:

•Beardslee, Middle Fork Stanislaus (1957)

•Copco 1, Klamath river (1918)

•POE Powerhouse, North Fork Feather river (1958)

•Moccasin, Lower Moccasin Creek (1930)

•Camino, Silver Creek (1961).


Although the only areas of recent activity in Texas include the Cedar Creek and Buchanan on the Colorado river, there may be the potential for substantial refurbishment work in the future. Forty-nine per cent of the state’s 6838 dams listed on NID are classified as being deficient or unsafe.


Alexander on Wahiawa stream has been supplied with new turbines. Little else is reported in this state, although many of its dams were built in 1901-1935. Of Hawaii’s 129 dams in NID none are classified as being deficient or unsafe.


Montana’s programme of dam construction early this century means there is refurbishment potential. Libby dam, Kootenai river (1973), recently received new generators.


Large dams date back to 1905 (St Croix Falls). Governors were replaced recently at Wissota, Chippewa (1917) and Flambeau(1951).


Two dams dating from 1908 have recent new governors:

•Grace 4, Bear river

•Boise River Diversion.


Work is so far sparse in Illinois, although generators have been supplied for Lockport, Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal (1933).

North Dakota

Turbines have been supplied at Garrison, Missouri river.


Turbines have been supplied at Monroe on Baker Fork (1956). Ohio may be the focal point of extensive refurbishment work in the future: of the state’s 1766 dams listed on NID, 89% are classified as being deficient or unsafe.


New turbines have recently been supplied at Taum Sauk (1963).


Turbines were supplied at Douglas on the French Broad river and Ft Loudoun on the Tennessee river.


Turbines have been supplied at Pioneer 6 on Bens Creek-OS. Of Arkansas’ 927 dams listed on the National Inventory of Dams,

25 are listed as being deficient

or unsafe and in need of repair.


Maine has some 21 large dams, dating back to Deer Rips (1903). At Wyman, on the Kennebec river (1930), new turbines have been supplied.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s 29 large dams date back to Vernon, built on the Connecticut river in 1909. Turbines have recently been supplied at Franklin Falls 2 on Pemigewasset river.

New York

Turbines have been supplied at:

•High Falls, Saranac river (commissioned in 1917)

•Merriman Dam, Roundout Creek (1945)

•Prospect 3, West Canada Creek (1959)

•Spier Falls 8 & 9, Hudson river (1903)

•South Edwards 3, East Branch Oswegatchie river (1914).


Muddy Run, Susquehanna river (1967), turbines supplied.


Governors have been supplied at Conowingo, while Fishing Creek has received replacement turbines.

North Carolina

Turbine, governors and generators have been supplied at Oxford on the Catawba river, while Rhodhiss on the same river has had turbines replaced.

Governors have been supplied to Nantahala. Of North Carolina’s 2699 dams about one-third are classified as being high hazard.

South Carolina

The Catawba river has been the focal point for uprating and refurbishment. At Wylie and Wateree turbines, governors and generators have been supplied, while at Fishing Creek turbines and governors have been supplied.


Turbines have been supplied at Goat Rock on Chattahoochee river, Morgan Falls 4 on Chattahoochee river and Lloyd Shoats on Ocmuagee river.