GE has recently announced several new milestones for its HA gas turbine:

  • The HA fleet has achieved 30 000 combined operating hours, a little more than a year after the first HA plant was inaugurated in France (at Bouchain).
  • 10 HA units are now in operation in four countries, and more will come online in 2017.
  • Combined cycle efficiency levels are near 64% (net) having achieved a record at
  • Bouchain with 62.22% (net) last year and the company says it has “a clear path to 65% by the early 2020s.” (Siemens similarly says its new HL-Class is “clearing the way” to beyond 63%, with a “mid-term goal” of 65%.)
  • GE says its H-class “continues to be the fastest growing fleet of gas turbines in the world” – and has reached nearly 70 orders and 37 orders shipped since launching in late 2014, with global reach extended over the last year to more than 16 countries.

GE also says (according to McCoy figures) that it “continues to be the industry leader in gas turbine orders”, clinching the top spot for 2Q17 with 72% of the gas turbines greater than 30 MW sold globally, and achieving the number one spot for the first half of 2017, with 56% of all 30 MW and above gas turbine orders.