Europe currently leads in the design and manufacture of offshore wind components. And the trend is clear – offshore wind is fast becoming competitive. Recent tender awards in the Netherlands and Denmark show that offshore wind is on track to compete on a par with conventional wind-power generation. However, there is still a need for new solutions and products to advance the offshore wind industry.

“The potential of offshore wind is enormous,” says WindEurope deputy chief executive Malgosia Bartosik.

“Recently, we saw the industry unite to deliver the message that offshore wind is a crucial element of the European energy system, and can provide a highly competitive energy source. However, we know this is only possible by investing in the future competitiveness of the EU wind-energy industry now.”

Bartosik continues: “Offshore Wind Energy 2017 will aim to strengthen both European and global offshore wind energy by bringing together business, policy and technological innovation. The event will be the largest offshore wind-energy conference and exhibition to date.”

Grand ambitions

Earlier this year, 11 of the biggest names in the European offshore wind sector jointly unveiled an ambitious target to drive cost of energy from the renewable source down to €80/MWh and less by 2025, making it fully competitive with conventional generation.

Ulrik Stridbæk, senior director and head of group regulatory affairs at DONG Energy, stated: “The advocacy work of WindEurope has played a key role in improving the political framework conditions for the offshore-wind industry in Europe. WindEurope’s contributions to the work programme of North Sea offshore cooperation among member states stand out as a truly extraordinary result.”

This work will be reinforced during Offshore Wind Energy 2017. The conference will provide insight from the industry, policy and scientific community, bringing the interests of the government and of the wind industry closer together. Sessions will cover the entire offshore supply chain, delivering a comprehensive analysis of trends and opportunities in the offshore-wind sector.

Simultaneously, the exhibition will connect all the major players in the offshore-wind industry including developers, wind-turbine manufacturers and members of the supply chain.

Stewart Mullin, director of marketing and communications at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, said: “As an offshore company, the association has given us a tremendously loud voice and a great presence in the heart of the European decision-makers. Every activity they initiate adds value to our business.”

All attendees will benefit from an abundance of exclusive networking opportunities. With thousands of industry players participating, Offshore Wind Energy 2017 is the essential offshore event.