Y2K protection

Cummins provided standby generators to Wessex Water for protection over the first critical hours of the new millennium. Cummins installed three CP 1000-5 gensets rated at 1000 kVA for paralleling with the mains and providing peak lopping, base load operation, load shedding and automatic starting in the event of mains power loss.

Power to Lebanon

Two Caterpillar heavy fuel oil gensets are being used to supply power to Indevco, a major industrial company in Lebanon. The power plant is operated by Unipak, which is providing power for a number of factories owned by Indevco.

Indevco is located 40 km north of Beirut, operating several manufacturing facilities. Key among these facilities is a paper manufacturing plant comprising a huge cylinder weighing 65 tonnes. In the event of a power outage, the cylinder takes over 90 minutes to stop rotating, and a further three hours to remove all the non-manufactured materials. After each power outage, it takes 4-5 hours to restart production.

Indevco requested proposals from 18 different suppliers before finally deciding upon Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar plant incorporates two 290 litre Cat 3616 heavy fuel oil engines.

Projecting the right image

Caterpillar supplied a 12.5 kVA genset to Laser Grafix of Prisma Holographics Ltd to launch a new range of aftershave for Givenchy by projecting a laser image onto the Marble Arch landmark in London.

Power for Israel’s largest construction project

Gensets powered by Caterpillar engines are being used to power the Shalom Project in the heart of Tel Aviv. Comprising three 50-storey buildings and a three-storey mall. To achieve this, a 6 tonne genset was hoisted to the 48th floor of one of the towers.

The installation of the 900 kVA genset 170 metres above the city streets was the highlight of the provision of standby power. This is Israel’s highest genset.

To protect the complex from grid failures, electrical consultant Zvi Hod and project manager Asher Ganz specified a standby power package that is able to provide the Shalom project’s base load of 10 000 kVA. The standby power installation, which was designed and installed by Israel Tractor, comprises nine Caterpillar gensets using a mixture of Cat 3400 and 3500 diesel engines.

Atlas supports a new range

Atlas Copco is launching a new QA series of unsilenced open frame gensets. The range consists of 18 models rated between 17-178 kVA.

The range is intended for use in prime, standby or peak electricity power sharing applications in industrial applications.

The QA range is of modular design with standardised options. Each unit is powered by a liquid-cooled Deutz diesel engine, driving a 50 or 60 Hz alternator.

An Atlas Copco-developed microprocessor module enables the gensets to respond rapidly to load fluctuations over the entire output range, and allows for recovery times of less than 3 seconds.