C.GEN Killingholme Ltd, the developer of the consented 470 MW North Killingholme gas-fired combined cycle power plant in the UK, says it is aiming to enter it into the UK’s next capacity market auction, to be held in December 2017 for capacity to be available in 2021.

The North Killingholme site is near the Humber port of Immingham in North Lincolnshire. It was granted a Development Consent Order (DCO) in September 2014.

Progress on the C.GEN project has been facilitated by the company’s recent acquisition of the adjacent Centrica Killingholme A gas-fired power station, which permanently ceased operations in March 2016. The acquisition of Centrica Killingholme A, which will be demolished over the next 12-18 months, gives C.GEN Killingholme secure connections to the electrical and high pressure gas grids for its new CCGT and gives C.GEN the opportunity to develop other new energy projects on the 50 acre site.

C.GEN has appointed Credit Suisse to assist with the financing of the North Killingholme project and appointed Uniper as the project’s engineer. A tender process is underway for the main construction contract.

Florent Maes, C.GEN Killingholme’s project director said: “We are now in a good position with the project and we will be working hard over the coming months to be fully prepared for the capacity market auction in December. If we are successful in the auction, we could expect to start the construction in 2018 to ensure timely completion and commercial operation by 2021.”

Luxemburg based C.GEN Group is connected to CLdN, which is involved in shipping and in operating ports, including the Killingworth ro-ro terminal.

C.GEN’s original plan for the North Killingholme site was an IGCC plant with carbon capture.

  • Carrington inaugurated. Elsewhere in the UK ESB has held an official opening ceremony for its 884 MW, twin single shaft Carrington combined cycle power plant near Manchester. The GT26 based plant became fully operational in September 2016.

ESB says Carrington “will be one of the most flexible plants providing fast back-up when it is needed most to intermittent wind and solar generation.” Other ESB new build activities in the UK include construction of a 40 MW waste wood biomass plant at Tilbury, development of a 1650 MW CCGT at Knottingley and pursuit of several waste to energy opportunities.