www.datacad.co.uk www.design4advantage.com The ISI Group subsidiary, DataCAD, has launched Design4Advantage. Phase I of Design4Adventure includes a number of internet-based products and services for CAD. These include: n On-line pricing of over 1000 CAD products (Direct4CAD).

n Pricing and availability of CAD rental systems (CADRent).

n CAD training courses (CADTrain).

n Secure on-line access to DataCAD’s CAD inventory list and the tracking of renewal dates and costs of ongoing CAD Support Contracts. This option is only available to Silver members of the scheme (CADAsset and CADAgent).

n A forum for members (CADForum).

n The ability to auction CAD equipment to other members (CADExchange).

www.osmolabstore.com Osmonics has a site to help scientists and researchers purchase filters, filter materials and related lab products online. This web site won the “Member’s Choice – Web Award” from the Minnesota High Technology Association.

The site has over 200 pages, with over 1000 filter products. It has a ‘Filter Selection Wizard’ with three methods of selecting a filter.

www.eia.doe.gov This web site from the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy is excellent. It includes energy analyses of most countries around the world, and an extensive summary of the progress of deregulation across the USA.

Its database is extensive and thorough, covering energy markets around the world. The country analyses in are very thorough, covering the economy, energy resources, current and projected demand, and major issues in the country.

The site is well structured, being quick to load and easy to follow. In parts, some of the information is dated, but as a rule, it is well maintained for topicality.

In addition to its extensive database, the site has numerous essays. In particular, one superb entry was on the progress of deregulation throughout the USA. This entry explains what progress has been made in each state in considerable detail, and what the next stages will be.

It has an extensive entry under alternative energy.

Although predominantly covering the USA, it has extensive global coverage.

Thoroughly recommended.