The ASE series of industrial gas turbines from Allied Signal covers a range from 500 kWe to 10 MWe. These are derived from aircraft engines. As a result of their derivation, Allied Signal claims that these turbines are more compact than most, with fewer stages.

The ASE8-1000 provides 500 kWe of power, with an optional burner for the destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These compounds are by-products various industrial processes. Traditionally, VOCs are mixed with natural gas, and burnt in a thermal oxidiser. The ASE8 also burns the VOC and gas, but the heat produced is used to generate electricity.

The ASE40 produces 3.3 MWe for cogenerationapplications. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries packages the engine for the Asia market, and has recently installed two engines at the Hino printing plant of Sagawa Printing Co Ltd in Japan.

The ASE50 is designed to produce 3.8 MWe of power, and is expected to be available in mid 1999. It is derived from the ASE40, using a new compressor to give an 8 per cent increase in heat rate.

The ASE120 is designed to produce 9.8 MWe, and will be available in late 1998. Allied Signal claims it will have a thermal efficiency of 35 per cent. The ASE120 completed its first engine test run earlier this year, carried out by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, in Nagoya, Japan.