Drive number 10 million is an ACS880 industrial drive, part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Compatible with virtually all types of processes, motors, automation systems and users, they are designed to tackle any motor-driven application in any industry, whatever the power range. The innovation behind all-compatibility is the new drive architecture, which simplifies operation, optimises energy efficiency and helps maximise process output. The ACS880 series consists of single drives, multidrives and drive modules.

ABB developed its first AC drive in the 1970s. They cover a wide power and voltage range, up to 13.8 kV and 100 MW.

The logic of using variable speed drives to intelligently control motors is that they increase energy efficiency, says ABB. The installed base of ABB drives is estimated to have saved 445 TWh in 2014 alone, corresponding to a saving in CO2 emissions from fossil fuelled plants of about 370 million tonnes.


(Originally published in MPS January 2016)