RIC Energy is a leading renewable energy project developer focused on delivering renewable energy and energy storage facilities


RIC Energy to Partner with Goldman Sachs Renewable Power. (Credit: Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay.)

RIC Energy (RIC) and Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC (GSRP) have announced a partnership to develop a portfolio of solar projects in New York. Under this partnership, GSRP will acquire 47 megawatts (MW) of community solar facilities located in upstate New York from RIC.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the very capable team at GSRP to help foster the renewable energy transition and achieve New York State’s renewable energy goals while providing quality jobs to upstate communities,” said Jonathan Rappe, CEO of RIC Energy USA. “We hope to be able to further leverage our expertise in project development with the added support from GSRP.”

The nine facilities involved are located throughout National Grid and NYSEG service areas and will generate bill credits to be sold directly to the utilities’ customers, allowing nearly 10,000 households to support clean, local and sustainable energy production.

“A tremendous amount of effort has gone into these projects in working with municipalities to ensure that we are maximizing the ecological and economic benefit to the host communities while minimizing the impact,” said Ivaylo Tomchev, Director of Project Development at RIC. “We are thrilled to be working with an investment partner who understands this dynamic well and is as committed as we are to preserving that balance.”

Source: Company Press Release