Yofumo Technologies announced that it has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent, titled “Neutral Atmosphere and Sanitization Storage Apparatus, Method and System,” recognizes Yofumo’s innovative approach to improving the safety, efficiency and quality of the post-harvest system for cannabis and other specialty food industry applications. Yofumo has exclusive rights to the patented technology.

“This is a pivotal game-changer, both for Yofumo and the post-harvest handling of biomass,” said Alfonso Campalans, Yofumo CEO and co-founder. “We’re particularly proud of the fact that our patents were granted in full without the need for additional defense, illustrating the true groundbreaking nature of our technology. This validates our longer-term opportunity around all forms of biomass including shipping and transportation, preparation, and agricultural controls to name just a few. It also gives us a huge competitive advantage for our current focus on setting the cannabis post-harvest standard.”

Particular problems arise in the handling and commercialization of perishable items, such as cannabis, which are highly prone to contamination and loss from pests, yeast, bacteria and mold. These issues extend through to storage and transportation. Similar issues arise with many other perishable goods. These issues cause billions of dollars in losses annually and degrade food safety for consumers. Yofumo’s technology keeps cannabis and other perishable products safe from the moment it is harvested until it is prepared for consumption.

With strict anti-microbial control standards being put in place in states where cannabis is legal, growers can’t afford failed tests. Yofumo’s patented, multi-level technology platform uses gaseous ozone to kill harmful microbials, including bacteria, mold and yeast, while ensuring the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are not negatively impacted.

By assuring a clean product and environment, the technology then enables complete terpene management and augmentation via innovative curing and natural finishing techniques, all automated with complete control over critical environmental variables like humidity and temperature. In development for over three years, Yofumo allows for regular and frequent access, long-term storage and transportation, while maintaining a consistent, high-quality product every time for cannabis and other biomass products. In side-by-side tests, Yofumo units have achieved 98-99 percent consistency results against world-class and award-winning growers.

Yofumo began selling its flagship models, the Yofumo Pro and Yofumo Pro+, in January 2017, driving immediate market traction with installations at the biggest commercial cannabis grows in the nation, including CANNDESCENT, Dark Horse Genetics, Seed & Smith, Euflora, Verde Natural, and Green Chief. Yofumo’s footprint now covers six states and is accelerating rapidly.