The Food and Organic Recycling facility will collect food and organics from local businesses for processing and convert them into a material that can be used as a source of energy.

The facility will use a specially designed bio-separator to recycle the food and organics that claims to remove all contaminates from organic waste to transform it into an organic slurry that can be mixed with other complementary liquids to enhance its use in creating energy.

The new Waste Management facility will receive organic waste from local companies, which include Fashion Island, Olive Garden, Montage Laguna Beach, Irvine Company, Hyatt Irvine and Lucille’s BBQ Grill in Lake Forest.

Waste Management, Orange County market area vice president Jason Rose said that the new facility allows WM to take materials that were previously sent to the landfill and provide a solution that ensures beneficial reuse.

“With the new technology, we will be able to recycle more food and organics than ever before and offer the region a viable green solution for transforming previously unused food waste and other organics into sustainable products,” Rose said.