“When the contract was bid out, it was overbudget, so we deleted some things out of there,” Mayor Jerry Don Barrett said. “When we got the final tally back after our deletions, we were well under budget, so we added a few things back.”

Construction of the plant is scheduled to begin in several weeks and will complete in about one year.

After Atkins ran close to reaching its water capacity during the last few summers, Barrett said that the expansion is needed to be made in preparation for future growth.

The Atkins Police Department has announced that it received a $1,500 donation from Wal-Mart, which will be used to buy equipment.

“Every year Wal-Mart gives all the local police departments a little bit of money,” Barrett said. “We always apply for it.”

The city’s fire department has announced that it lacked around 1,000 feet of hose before finishing its annual test. Barrett said the weather had delayed the test, but that the department was still ahead of schedule.

“They fill (the hoses) with water, pump them up to a certain pressure — a little more than regular pressure, and that assures us there’s no chance of the hose rupturing and hurting anybody,” Barrett said.

The planning committee has announced that it had accepted five building permits, which Barrett said could be used for anything from a storage shed to a house.

In announcements, Barrett told the council state Rep. Nathan George contacted him and told him that the fire department would receive $5,182 in stimulus money and the city general would receive $3,947. Barrett said that the money could be used for equipment or any other item they need, but didn’t budget for.

“It’s just money turned back to us from the legislature,” Barrett said. “They have a little extra and they disperse it out.”