The Plumbush Prospect is located less than 5km south of the Blackbush Prospect within the Mullaquana uranium project, in a similar geological setting.

Results to date are extremely encouraging with well mineralised holes indicating a footprint of mineralization within the Plumbush Prospect extending across an area of around 2.0 km east-west and 1.5 north-south – the system is predominantly closed off to the north but remains open to the south into the Joint Venture ground.

Drilling highlights include: MRM109: 8.3m at 142 parts per million (ppm) eU3O8, grade thickness = 0.118m% eU3O8. MRM111: 3.0m at 474ppm eU3O8 including 2.1m at 614ppm eU3O8. Grade thickness = 0.142m% eU3O8. MRM115: 2.6m at 488ppm eU3O8. Grade thickness = 0.127m% eU3O8. MRM116: 5.8m at 246ppm eU3O8. Grade thickness = 0.143m% eU3O8. MRM098: 12.9m at 294ppm eU3O8 including 5m at 581ppm eU3O8. Grade Thickness = 0.380m% eU3O8.

The results from Plumbush Prospect continue to validate the uranium potential in this unexplored region and offer strong encouragement for further drilling. The drill crew will break for the summer season with drilling recommencing late January/February. Drilling in the New Year will continuing along the southern boundary of the UraniumSA tenement and extend south into the Stellar Resources Limited Joint Venture ground, EL4242.