TXU Energy, a provider of electricity and related services, plans to establish an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth as part of the TXU Energy Accelerator program.

Under this program, TXU Energy will install at least a dozen electric vehicle charging stations spread across the two cities at various locations, funding the cost of the charge point equipments and installation.

TXU Energy will also offer free charging at these stations for city vehicles for three years, and for the public vehicles for the first year to manifest the economic aspect of using EVs as compared to gasoline powered vehicles.

The development of EV charging infrastructure is expected to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs, which in turn will contribute to the reduction of air pollution, thereby realizing the full potential of electric mobility.

TXU Energy CEO Jim Burke said that the company wants to play a leading role in jump-starting adoption of electric vehicles look forward to seeing it flourish.

“We’re seeing great interest from customers, including several cities throughout North Texas, who want to incorporate electric vehicles and other energy saving solutions into their daily operations,” Burke said.