Trojan’s deep cycle batteries are expected to facilitate reliable performance of Carmanah’s solar LED lights for marine, aviation, traffic and off-grid lighting applications in all operating conditions, while helping reduce total cost of ownership and systems’ operating costs.

The partnership will further leverage Carmanah’s knowledge of energy management and solar lighting system design with Trojan’s experience in deep cycling performance and optimization, to enhance both Carmanah and Trojan’s technologies and products for off-grid solar LED lighting.

The collaboration between the two companies will include the development of the design and application of off-grid solar lighting utilizing deep cycle batteries, and promotion of standards for this type of technology in this rapidly expanding industry.

Trojan Battery vice president of renewable energy Bryan Godber said that Trojan’s high-quality deep cycle, lead acid batteries are designed specifically to meet the cycling requirements of renewable energy systems like Carmanah’s solar LED lighting systems.