Trilliant Incorporated (Trilliant) has deployed over one million full two-way, intelligent communication devices to power smart grid applications. The company is demonstrating their solutions at the DistribuTECH conference. At one deployment, the company is incorporating time-of-use pricing, critical peak pricing, smart metering, information displays, and smart thermostats capable of demand response.

These components are operating together in real time and leveraging the smart grid network. The solution has shown real energy savings, utility benefits, and positive customer feedback.

We’re very proud of this milestone, and are already hard at work on the next million, said Bill Vogel, chief executive officer of Trilliant. Every intelligent grid and consumer device means better efficiency in aggregate as utilities and consumers alike have more control over energy usage and operations. As a result, our society is better prepared to manage resources and reduce carbon emissions.

While the number of intelligent devices demonstrates significant momentum in the growth of the Smart Grid, it is equally important that consumer-focused devices and tools are deployed to help realize the full value of Smart Grid investments.

The company has also demonstrated experience in providing complete consumer solutions.

The smart grid technology benefits have not been lost on the Congress and the Obama administration. The House version of the US economic stimulus package called for $32 billion directed at improving the nation’s transmission grid of which $4.5 billion is directed at Smart Grid programs and grants, for utilities and their customers.

With President Obama putting so much focus on the growth of the Smart Grid we expect the number of devices managing load and feeding information back to utilities to skyrocket in the coming years, added Vogel. All of this bodes well for the consumer who wishes to better manage their energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of that usage.