Toshiba has secured a contract from Hokuriku Electric Power Company, a provider of electricity in the Japanese prefectures of Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama, to develop 1MW Toyama solar PV power generation project in Toyama city, Toyama prefecture.

The Toyama PV Power Station, which will use a Toshiba system, will have an annual capacity of approximately 1 million kWh, sufficient to power approximately 250 households.

Toshiba plans to begin the construction on the Toyama Photovoltaic Power Station this month, and expects the project to come on line in February, 2011.

Toshiba as the prime contractor for development of the plant will be responsible for all engineering work prior to the start of construction, procurement of major equipment and components, and plant construction.

The plant will be equipped with Kyocera multi-crystal PV modules and will use Toshiba’s integrated 250kW output power conditioners with a conversion efficiency of 97.5% to convert variable output of the PV cells into electricity, offsetting approximately 300 tons on CO2 emissions annually.

Toshiba Group aims to secure further contracts for multi-megawatt PV projects with the intention to expand business, both in Japan and overseas, by focusing on renewable energy and energy saving products and technologies.