The bq25040 also saves manufacturing time and cost by eliminating the need for battery setup during production test phase. The charger’s single-input interface selects the appropriate charge current and places the device into production test mode.

Key features and benefits:

30-V input with over-voltage protection enables safe charging with unregulated or aftermarket adapters;

Up to 1.1-A charge rate;

Integrated 50-mA LDO supplies power to external circuits, such as a USB transceiver;

Production test mode regulates 4.2-V output without battery connection, and supplies up to 2.3 A;

Selectable 100-mA or 500-mA USB current limit complies with USB standards;

Input voltage dynamic power management provides protection against poor USB sources.

Availability and pricing:

The bq25040 is available in a 10-pin, QFN package and is priced at $1.20 in quantities of 1,000. Other USB chargers include the bq24150 ultra-small switch-mode charger with integrated FETs, and the bq24072 with dynamic power path management.

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