TeraXion Inc. (TeraXion) will demonstrate its new advancements in specialized laser modules and FBG components at the 2009, SPIE Photonics West Exhibition from January 27, 2009 to January 29, 2009 in San Jose, California. Through the PureSpectrum and PowerSpectrum product lines, the company provides system integrators reliable and cost-effective solutions for the industrial, energy, aerospace and defense markets.

The company’s PureSpectrum specialized laser modules are based on semiconductor lasers on which the company’s laser frequency control scheme is applied. The combination of those technologies enables laser sources with low phase noise, high tolerance to vibrations and excellent long-term reliability. PureSpectrum Narrow Linewidth Laser (PS-NLL) is the ideal candidate for high performance optical seismic sensing systems found in the Oil & Gas industry (in-well, 4C-OBS, towed array), distributed temperature and stress sensing systems (DTSS), large perimeter intrusion systems and other interferometer-based sensing systems where a highly coherent laser source is required. TeraXion’s PureSpectrum Laser Module (PS-LM) with its ultra low noise built-in electronic drivers and rugged design is perfectly suited in LIDAR-based equipments used for wind speed and direction measurement, range finding, 3D scanning and future aerospace and military embedded products.

PowerSpectrum fiber laser components are based on high-performance, reliability proven, volume deployed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. TeraXion’s PowerSpectrum High Power Reflectors (PWS-HPR) provide outstanding power handling capability and sustained performance over a broad wavelength range. These fiber-based reflectors are widely used by leading industrial laser suppliers to manufacture high power fiber lasers. Moreover, TeraXion’s deep expertise gained in making complex chirped FBG for the Telecommunication industry can now be applied for designing high performance pulse stretchers found in advanced ultrafast fiber lasers used in industrial and medical markets.