Malaysian power utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is keen to expand the power generation capacity of its Sultan Mahmud Kenyir hydroelectric plant to 460MW.

The increase, representing a 15% growth from current capacity of 400MW, is a part of company’s plan to meet national electricity requirement.

Sultan Mahmud Kenyir hydroelectric station general manger Mohd Aidee Hamidin said that the company intends to revive the four turbines of each 100MW capacity to increase the overall power generation.

"Currently, we are undertaking a study to use the new technology to increase the capacity of each turbine by 115 MW, to bring the total to 460 MW," revealed Hamidin.

"The work will begin with turbine No 2, beginning in 2016."

TNB currently is working on four hydro projects including Hulu Terengganu and Ulu Jelai plants that are at different stages of development. These projects are expected to facilitate country’s power scarcity.

"At present, the total installed capacity through hydroelectric is 1,900 MW. So, we can reach 3,000 MW through these four projects and several mini-hydro projects by 2020," added Hamidin.