Table 4. Test Results on Different Cut-resistant Fabrics (Tam, 1998)

Note: 1. Knife penetration precedes cutting.
2. Maximum delivered by a male adult is 14kg.
3. Maximum delivered by a male adult is 16kg.
4. The number of passes a normal cutter is required until the complete specimen, including the armor layer and the normal layer is completely cut through. Cutting is performed by a normal cutter knife that is set at an angle of 45 to the plane of the specimen with a 6kg load applied vertically.

Items Normal Steel Mesh Kelvar Cloth Ceramic Chip
1. Penetration and cut test1
Load required to penetrate(kg)2 5 18 8 15
Load required to cut (kg)3 1 17 4 20
2. Cut test4 1 Not cut 4 Not cut
3. Rubber carpet thickness (mm) 4.1 8 8 8