Table 2: Example Listing of Countries with Dam Safety Legislation

Argentina Federal regulations for privatized dams only
Australia Dam safety governed by the individual provinces
Austria Federal Law governing large (>30m) dams only
Canada Provincial regulations since the mid 1970’s
China (Federal Regulation)
Finland Federal regulation, 1984 governing all dams >3m in height)
France Federal regulation dating to 1960 for dams greater than 20m high or dams that present a hazard
Germany State Regulations
Ireland Federal Regulation
Italy Federal, dams >15m in height, smaller dams covered by regional legislation
Latvia Federal Regulation
Mexico Federal Regulation
Netherlands Flood Defenses Act, 1996
New Zealand Federal Regulation
Norway Federal Regulation, dams >4m
Portugal Federal, amended in 1994 to cover dams <15m in height
Romania Federal Regulation, National Commission for Safety of Dams
Russia Federal Regulation
Spain Federal Regulation dating to 1967
South Africa Federal Regulation, since 1998
Sweden Federal Regulation
Switzerland Federal Regulation dating from 1998
United Kingdom Federal Regulation, the Reservoir Act, dating from 1975
US Federal Regulations (FEMA, FERC) and state laws