Swire SITA Waste Services Limited (Swire SITA), a subsidiary of Suez Environnement S.A., has renewed the operations & maintenance (O&M) contract for the operation of a Marine Waste transfer station in Hong Kong, Island East Transfer Station. The contract was received after a tender process and covers a period of 4.5 years minimum with a possible extension to nine years. The effective starting date is March 1, 2009 and the anticipated annual revenue generated amounts to EUR5.5 million.

Swire SITA has already been operating for many years the present transfer station, located on the east side of the Hong Kong Island and is pleased that the Hong Kong government has decided to continue this cooperation.

About 300,000 tons of waste per year are being received, compacted, transferred and shipped by marine vessels to West East New Territories (WENT) Landfill, also operated by Swire SITA. The Island East Transfer Station is equipped with special features like odour control system and wastewater treatment. The new contract also includes the design, built and operation of a Biological Treatment Facility where biodegradable waste will be processed and treated.

Swire SITA is provider of waste management service in Hong Kong