Sunovia Energy Technologies, a LED lighting manufacturer, has completed the installation of energy efficient EvoLucia Aimed LED cobra head street lights at the US Navy Souda Bay base in Crete, Greece as part of the Navy's Energy Conservation Program.

The company has replaced 300W metal halide street lights with 120W energy-efficient EvoLucia LED lights to reduce the base’s energy consumption by 60%, achieving over half of the energy usage reduction requirement of 3% each year as mandated by a federal law.

Sunovia secured this order under the General Services Administration (GSA) contract, which it received earlier this year, allowing government customers to buy the company’s products directly without having to obtain a competitive bid.

Prior to this, Sunovia also installed its energy efficient EvoLucia LED at the campus of Camp Lejeune, a marine base in Jacksonville, North Carolina last December to help the marine base cut its energy consumption.

Sunovia vice president of global sales Jim Perkins said that the company is proud to add to its list of several international installations and to assist the Navy in becoming more energy-efficient.

“We hope more military bases follow in Souda Bay’s green footsteps. We are ready to execute our government sales strategy and capture that very large target market,” Perkins said.