SunEdison LLC (SunEdison) has announced 259 megawatt (MW) solar generation program with Developers Diversified Realty Corporation (Developers Diversified). SunEdison will have the right to deploy solar energy systems at more than 200 shopping centers, covering up to an estimated 30 million square feet, located in 24 states and in Puerto Rico. Once the system is operational, Developers Diversified will be able to purchase energy for common area uses.

In addition, shopping center tenants can benefit and realize energy savings by opting to purchase the power generated through the program at rates lower than retail energy rates.

“Developers Diversified is a forward-thinking real estate company—bringing clean solar energy to its properties for the benefit of its tenants and the environment through the largest distributed generation program of its kind. It’s a way for Developers Diversified and its tenants to reduce operating costs.

Furthermore, a typical-sized solar energy system in the program will avoid an estimated 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution,” SunEdison General Manager, Americas Brian Jacolick, said.