The State of California has received nearly $300m in federal funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve aging water and wastewater infrastructure and protect human health and the environment for people.

The State Water Resources Control Board has secured $147m for wastewater projects, while the California Department of Public Health has got $127m for drinking water infrastructure projects that are expected to enhance California’s long-term economic growth and create new jobs.

The state will use the funding to update sewage and water treatment facilities and support drinking water projects in Northern, Central and Southern California, with at least 20% of the funds dedicated to green infrastructure, water and energy efficiency improvements and other environment projects.

EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson said that with nearly $300m in EPA support, California will be able to put people to work and ensure clean, healthy water in their environment and safe drinking water in their homes.

“Today our water infrastructure is working harder than ever to address growing populations, new and old pollution challenges and tightening budgets”, Jackson said.