The station will offer truck owners and operators full traditional retail access, immediately off the 710 Freeway and Anaheim Street at 1234 Cowles Street, Long Beach, California, 90805.

The station has begun fueling operations within 60 days following initial groundbreaking providing trucking companies and independent owner operators a much needed alternative fueling location within the Ports.

Speedy Fuel and ALT are working together to expand LNG supply at two additional Speedy Fuel locations in the Southland. The additional stations are currently in the planning/development stages and are expected to be opened in 2011.

LNG meets California’s strict emission standards and is now available for use by commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, utility companies, fleets, and other natural gas vehicles. Vehicles fueled by the transportation grade LNG produce approximately one-sixth of the nitrous oxides (NOx) and up to 15 percent less greenhouse gases than comparable petroleum diesel fueled vehicles, the company said.

Cem Hacioglu, president & CEO, ALT, said: “It gives me an immense pleasure to be here today celebrating the grand opening of this first ever LNG station in the Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach that is entirely funded through private funds.”