This project is one of many major commercial installations that have been completed or are underway with Solyndra PV systems in the US and Europe.

Solyndra’s PV system design allows maximum coverage and easy installation on commercial low-slope rooftops. There is no need for roof-penetrating mounts or ballast to hold panels in place and, as a result, the installation took less than 4 days. According to Dave Corkill, Owner of Livermore Cinemas, “No other system could offset as much power – the installation was over before we knew it.”

The conventional PV panels would have needed to be tilted facing southward to avoid significant energy loss, the orientation of Solyndra panels has minimal impact on overall energy yield.

“The Solyndra system allowed us to maximize the available roof space, minimize labor and installation costs and increase power production – which allowed us to optimize our client’s investment in solar,” adds Ted Walsh, director of commercial development, SPG Solar.

“The efficiency of installation saved us time and money, and we were able to pass those savings onto Cinema West. Solyndra’s PV system is emerging as a truly innovative and excellent solution for rooftop solar applications,” says Dan Thompson, Founder, president and chief executive officer, SPG Solar.

“We are very pleased to announce this project by SPG Solar,” says Dr. Kelly Truman, Solyndra’s vice president of marketing, sales and business development. “Solyndra’s products passed smoothly through permitting and commissioning, helping a great partner quickly meet their business needs.”