The (solar) market is really expanding. It is pretty exciting, said John Bucher, president of Solar Power.

Solar Power is installing solidification furnaces to make silica ingots for use in the production of solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. The ingots — weighing up to 880 pounds — will be shipped to its factory in Rostraver and cut into 200-micron-thick wafers for the cells, Bucher said.

Solar Power initially intends to use about 40,000 of the 265,000 square feet that it leased for ingot production. The company also has plans to expand operations to build solar panels.

If I had my way, I would fill it up with a modular factory, building solar panels worth several million dollars, Bucher said. The goal is to use American-made material for solar-panel projects, he added, noting that most of the company’s business is in Europe and China.

Solar Power has about 170 employees now, and Bucher hopes business will allow it to double the work force.