Subsequent results illustrated significant kilowatt hour savings (kWh) resulting in a two year payback on capital investment.

Aruba is exactly the type of distribution partner we are looking for, stated Steven Martin, sales director for Smartcool Systems (EMEA) Ltd, based outside London, England. They are a reputable firm within this market with extensive sales, marketing, design and project management experience. This will ensure Smartcool’s products will be well represented from both a sales and technical perspective.

Smartcool Systems’ energy efficiency technology has undergone rigorous testing with third party engineers, utilities and universities as well as on-site customer testing. There is now a catalogue of evidence that Smartcool Systems’ ESM and ECO3 technologies provide reduction in electricity usage in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This translates into considerable cost savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Vector Logistics is a well established logistics service provider for the food and food-related industries in southern Africa, added Steven Martin. We are extremely pleased that Aruba is able to attract such companies to the benefits of our energy efficiency technology that can provide multiple site rollout opportunities.

Aruba Cooling is a South Africa-based distributor of innovative refrigeration related and energy management technology solutions.

Smartcool Systems is a Canada-based manufacturer of Smartcool ESM.