The first part of an international power lines project, the power line from Leskovac to Nis, would transmit 400 kilowatts (kV) and link Serbia and Macedonia and act as a link to the European grid, leading to a reliable electricity supply for countries of the region.

The first phase of the power line project construction would cost EUR7m and the second phase would cost approximately EUR22m.

Petar Skundric, minister of mining and energy, pointed that through this power line project Serbia would meet its obligations towards the Energy Community and integrate its energy system into the European energy network. The domestic companies building the first phase of the project and are expected to take part in the construction of the remaining part of the power line.

Josep Lloveras, head of the Europeans commission delegation to Serbia stated that the power lines would augment the production capacity of the entire region, adding that the construction work meets international standards.

Petar Skundric informed that Serbia would invest around EUR450m in the energy sector during the next five years, and in this regard would develop strategic partnerships with EU companies.