The partners envision a number of outcomes from the alliance that will redefine the emissions industry:

Working with stakeholders to incorporate the use of real-world emissions and fuel consumption data into regulatory, market and policy decisions;

Matching the progression of sustainable technology and renewable energy advancements in motive power with the tools necessary to measure energy and emissions performance across the global supply chain;

Developing novel technologies for carbon measurement, trading and reporting; and

Developing emissions measurement tools and protocols to provide relevant emissions data for new engine compliance testing and technology verification processes through both the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).

“The alliance between Emisstar and Sensors enables all segments of industry employing internal combustion engines to accurately measure their fuel economy and emissions output under real world operating conditions. This information is essential for optimizing the efficiency of operations and provides auditable data for compliance testing and the trading of GHG emission credits. We are excited that the complementary strengths of our two companies can be applied to this critically important and emerging field of energy management,” said Andrew Reading, president/chief executive officer of Sensors.

Glenn P. Goldstein, principal/owner of Emisstar, added, “As we plunge headfirst into the Energy-Climate Era, more and more institutions, organizations and corporations around the world are calling for the tools to better understand the connections between fuel economy, emissions, carbon and sustainable mobility. We believe this important strategic partnership best positions Emisstar to respond to this calling while working with a world-class leader to advance the field of in-use testing and satisfy our clients’ needs globally.”

Emisstar is a US-based emissions and energy technology consulting firm.