Semaphore, Inc. (Semaphore), a CSE Global company, has shipped its Kingfisher SCADA system RTU products with Secure DNP3 Authentication. The new authentication ensures messages arriving at the RTU come from control center, or other, asset in the SCADA system. The new Kingfisher RTU line offers several advanced features for SCADA system solutions, incorporating redundant configurations, intelligent I/O, and open programming.

The new functionality is compliant with a security extension that has been approved by the DNP Users Group Steering Committee. The extension mandates authentication of the master devices via the use of one-way cryptographic hash functions employing a shared key in order to access critical DNP functions.

Secure DNP3 protocol authentication represents one of numerous features in company’s security initiative for its RTU product line. Those initiatives include cyber security and the physical security functions in order to confirm security for SCADA system and the assets and processes it supervises.

The contemporary Kingfisher product line incorporates the Kingfisher Plus and G30 models. Kingfisher Plus is a superior, modular RTU that provides expansion up to 1000 I/O points. The G30 is a compact RTU that extends full capabilities of company’s Kingfisher PLUS+ product line to small SCADA system applications needing up to 32 I/O points. The new Kingfisher RTU systems are well suited to the large, demanding measurement and control applications.

Semaphore’s RTU products are suitable for a wide range of monitoring and control applications in broadcast / telecom, infrastructure management, oil & gas, power, transportation and water / wastewater industries.